This place

As you can probably tell, doghouse has changed a bit.  As with everything, nothing is permanent, and you will see this place go through many, many changes at random intervals.  How often I fiddle with the look depends on how often I feel like it, but I assure you and myself that I will update more often than the previous offering.

Eventually, I will host the blog on my own server and completely change the format.  Right now, because I honestly do not feel like going through the coding, I’ve just used a template and changed the header.  Yeah I know it looks utterly dodgy but just bear with it.  You can still access the old doghouse from the blogroll on the right.

Honestly I did not give this much thought so really I have no rational approach of how I’m going to go about organising everything and, well, where this is heading, but I think it’ll work itself out along the way.  I still don’t like the idea that I’m using a template and being hosted by someone else, but anyway I’m going to stop the self-involving ramblings.

And move on to more self-involving ramblings.  I just came back from Japan 2 weeks ago, and I might talk about that in a bit more detail next time.  The photos from the trip are in the photos section on the right.

Well, that’s all I feel like saying right now, hopefully I’ll work out a better way of making this work soon, so come back often!

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