Top 11 films of 2006

Yeah I know it’s half-way through February, but I haven’t done it yet and anyway the Oscars aren’t over yet either so here it is.

Me and You and Everyone We Know


Very impressive considering Miranda July herself directed, wrote and starred in this piece about lonliness and performance as life. Also works as a romantic comedy, with many moments of subtle, light-hearted humour scattered throughout.

United 93

Quite a powerful account of a tragic event. Many have questioned the point in making this film, saying that it is unclear what statement the film is trying to bring through. In searching, those people have missed the very point that they searching, because a film like this was not made to deliver a statement or convey a message, but simply to document an event. Director Paul Greengrass gives us a very realistic account, skillfully avoiding all the traps that a lesser filmmaking could have easily fallen into, resulting in an intense, depressing and surprisingly, entertaining pseudo-documentary.

A Scanner Darkly

So far, Richard Linklater has not disappointed me. Neither has rotoscoping, so this is another weird and sometimes funny animated film.

Paris Je t’aime

A fun, fluffy collection of short films that surround a very general theme of Paris. Other than the piece of shit that is Chris Doyle’s, which you can take as a toilet break, the rest are mostly entertaining and sometimes very creative pieces of film.

V For Vendetta

Like a combination of at least 3 different films, V for Vendetta can feel a bit too long but it is mostly entertaining and very stylish. The Wachowski brothers have outdone themselves.


A thrilling and well-made film from start to finish, Spielberg can add another solid entry into his impressive resume. Unfortunately, in the Spielberg tradition, the film suffers from an overlong, unnecessary ending. Fortunately, in this case it’s not bad enough to ruin the rest of the film.

The Departed

Most reviews of this film (especially those from hk) are mainly comparisons to the original Infernal Affairs, which is really a wrong albeit inevitable move, because they are two very different films. Yes the story and most of the dialogue are the same, but Scorsese does a very different take on it, focusing more on the realistic struggles of the characters instead of what is conceptually right and wrong. I like both, so sue me.

Fearless (霍元甲)

The best period martial arts film and best Jet Li film, ever. Full of scenes with adrenaline rushes, I walked out of the theatre feeling like I wanted to kick somebody. I didn’t though.

Exiled (放逐)

An exercise in style. Specifically, an exercise in Johnnie To style. Everything is there: The all-male cast, the thrilling standalone scenes, the ridiculously cool-looking poses, the unrealistic sense of humour, all packaged with a nice little western theme. It’s like a compilation of everything that’s his and everything he’s good at. The outcome is a series of scenes that could have nothing to do with eachother, but are amazing by themselves. Movies are not about stories; it’s about how you tell them. In this case, I have no complaints.

Little Miss Sunshine

A harmles and fun film, and that’s about it. It makes you smile. Isn’t that enough?

The Prestige

After Batman Begins, I had lost all faith in Christopher Nolan, attributing his brilliant Memento to pure luck. It was restored after this film. What makes Nolan’s films intriguing are his characters, who are always obsessed, and their obsessions often ruin them. In this case, there are two of these characters, both trying to prove their obsessions to each other. A very absorbing film.

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3 Responses to Top 11 films of 2006

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi, just bumped into your blog the other day, you’re really an expert in films. Like to know if you will go to see the forthcoming HKIF’s films. If so, would you mind suggesting some of your “must-see” films?

  2. aquadog29 says:

    Thanks for visiting! I still haven’t looked at the film festival catalogue very thoroughly yet, but as soon I do I’ll post which ones I’ll be seeing. The animated films look very interesting though.

  3. Rachel says:

    Well, but I’m afraid many good films were sold out la….I have bought the tickets as below list, guess some of them are worth seeing:
    – Sakuran ( wanna see Anna’s Geisha look only )
    – Tuya’s Marriage ( topic seems very new)
    – Arthur & the minimoys ( Animation from Luc Besson)
    – The bothersome man ( just my friend want to see)

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