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The loner-in-a-strange-situation film

There is a certain type of movie, typically made by Hollywood, about a lone man, living a mundane life. He would be either the bastard sort, loser sort or simply an ‘everyday-guy’ variety. One day, his life would change, when … Continue reading

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Movies update 7/07

I’ve been seeing a ridiculously little amount of movies this year. In fact, I’ve only seen nine. Babel – A powerful, optimistic epic about relationships. See here. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – … Continue reading

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The Illusion

I am carried Far and wide, By all but an illusion That is bestowed upon me. The choices or paths Are not mine to make or walk, For each day that passes Takes me somewhere new. “Where might you finish?” … Continue reading

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The Window

His eyes were full of serenity, the kind that comes from years of sadness, past the stage of wisdom. His face was lined with wrinkles of age, his breath short and patient, but without a sign of melancholy. No, he … Continue reading

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