Movies update 7/07

I’ve been seeing a ridiculously little amount of movies this year. In fact, I’ve only seen nine.

Babel – A powerful, optimistic epic about relationships. See here.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – Funny at times, I didn’t find it offensive, maybe because I’m not from Kazakhstan.

The Queen – An interesting look into the Royal family. The character itself is a little beautified and I have my doubts about the accuracy of the portrayal, but all in all quite an entertaining approach, although a little slow in places.

Arthur and the Minimoys – A star-studded cast can’t save a poorly-written script. It’s been a while since I’ve cringed at dialogue. I blame it on the director, Luc Besson, who is French and therefore does not have the grasp of the English language required to recognize the bad lines. But they are bad.

World Animation – Kind of like a ritual, I see this collection of short animated films every year. This year’s batch was disappointing, however, and I can’t remember very much from any of the shorts.

Pan’s Labyrinth – A film that was widely praised, but does not live up to its expectation. It does not achieve what it set out to do. The contrasting of reality and fantasy was forced and I thought even embarrassing, and most of it unbalanced by focusing too much on the former. The look of the film is marvelous, but there was something about it that made me not really want to look at it for too long. Perhaps it was the colours, or the tone, or simply the feeling of dread that encompassed the film. A mediocre film that fails to make its point although the point was quite a straightforward one.

Mr Bean’s Holiday – Why is Mr Bean never the same in movies? In the last movie, he gave a long speech about a painting, which is weird because Mr Bean doesn’t talk (much). The new movie is better but why don’t they understand that Mr Bean isn’t about the plot? Mr Bean IS the plot. Put him in a room with a few civilised people and let Mr Bean do his stuff. Perhaps they wanted to do something different to the TV series and place him in bigger situations, but when you do that it is difficult for Mr Bean to be Mr Bean without making all the other people dimwits too. Which is what happens here, but it still makes for some scenes of good entertainment and comedy.

Spider-man 3 – I won’t repeat what I said, basically, it pretty much sucked. See here.

Tekkonkinkreet – Just saw this today, and was blown away. Will write more on it later.

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1 Response to Movies update 7/07

  1. iancarey says:

    Dude I think the Queen absolutely sucked. It was the biggest pile of made for TV junk I have ever come across. I am literally amazed at how well it is doing critically.

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